Wednesday, December 14, 2011

how to print an invitation

Over the summer, good press bought its very only Kluge Automatic Platen Letterpress.  Woohoo!
Last week, we printed our very first job. 
Here's how to go from zero to invitation in five easy steps.

step one: set up your plate (the yellow and red thing) in the chase (the big metal frame).

pantone color selection.

step two: mix your ink.  yes, by hand.

step 2A: keep mixing ink until you get desired pantone color. yup, you're still mixing by hand.

step three: ink the press.
note: a little goes a long way.  the above is actually too much.  lesson learned.

step four: set the chase (metal frame) in the press.

step five: fire up the press and here you go!

step 5A: check your progress as you go.

and voila!

your very own letterpress invitation.  

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