Thursday, March 25, 2010

vacay in LA

there's only one thing that we love more than paper here at good press and that's pop culture and all that goes along with it. we admit it, we're addicted to people and all the other trash magazines, have to watch e! news more than we'd care to admit and wonder what lady gaga actually looks like in person. so, at the urging of a friend offering up a free place to stay, we're packing our bags and heading west for a long weekend before the frenzy that is wedding season officially kicks off. we'll be out of commission until tuesday as celebrity watching is a full-time job. but don't worry, we'll tell the kardashians you say hello.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

meg runion studios

i had breakfast this morning with a my friend meg runion. meg's a part of the wedding biz, too, photographing beautiful brides. meg's got a great energy and is so. much. fun. you can get in touch with meg and check out her talent here. in the meantime, check out this beautiful photo she took of my friend chloe who was married on new year's eve. happy wednesday, everyone!