Friday, December 10, 2010

dear santa...

last week my friend sent me her kiddos' wish lists for santa.  what they asked for and how they went about asking for it made me smile, and i just had to share...i especially love josie's crafty list of requests.

Sycamore's Christmas List:

1. a docking system for my iPod.
2. a vickings foot ball jersay.
3. a Ghana soccer jersay. eney soccer jersay would be fine.
4. a laptop.
5. a bike pump.

Josie Mae's "crismis list"
(with stars drawn next to the most important)

1. A drum sett *
2. Apples 2
3. A per of worm boots
4. Yarn
5. seshells
6. A worm blaingkit
7. A swetr
8. A ameracin grl dol *
9. A strobere plent *
10. A nit lit

Josie's crismis List (part II)

1. A staft anaml lam *
2. A staft anaml scwrul *
3. A box of bloc crans
4. A sag bush that lak lik a crismis chre *
5. sinamin
6. A wdin spoon And bowl

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