Monday, November 29, 2010

sugary goodness

if we're being truthful here, i admit that i pretty much only go to weddings for the cake.  yes, of course i'm there to see two friends commit to one another, but really nothing gets me excited like the cake does.  ask anyone who knows me.
so you can imagine my excitement when i was recently invited to a cake tasting with maliha creations.  i couldn't wait to see and experience the behind-the-scenes action.
anita, the sheer genius and talent behind maliha creations, set us up with two plates: our own little plate of five different cake slices and one big plate of seven or eight different fillings and icings to pair.
what an endeavor.  
after much trial, and the occasional error, my friend and her fiance came up with a great pairing for their august wedding. 

the aftermath.  
water and coffee proved to be much-needed palette cleansers.

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