Monday, February 8, 2010

making life a little easier

it really is a treat to work with the people we do. we work with wedding planners a lot, and we love it. especially after you get to work with one over and over again and that rapport is established. dickie morris is one of those people. dickie and i go way back, even before our days of wedding industry domination. dickie was the first person i met at college orientation at uva, and i'm lucky to say that we kept in touch over the years, and then got to work together, her planning events for easton events and me helping out with invitations for her clients. dickie's good people, and you just hope you can be like her one day. in addition to planning fabulous events, she keeps a blog on the side. after especially hectic days, i like to check out her blog to get a reality check. should you, too, need a momentary breather, i highly recommend stopping by justalittleditty.

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